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The Tiger of 142B had been selected to be in the Animafest Zagreb in Croatia! Animafest is the second oldest animation festival in the World, after the Annecy International Animated Film Festival. We are very honoured to have The Tiger of 142B to be in the Grand Competition with so many talented animation authors in Animafest Zagreb.

Check out the entry here:


A very interesting experience to be in the screening room at Tanglin Club. The Tiger of 142b went through 2 round of changes. 1st screen was at Utter Singapore at Golden Village, the 2nd version was screen in Singapore shortcuts, and the 3rd version was for festival submission. I guess the quest for perfection is a never ending path and only the creators will know the amount of blood and sweat put into a film. ^ ^


This is the opening title shot for all Sister Islands animated Myth. The Sister Island stop-motion animation is created by Geylang Methodist secondary, Anderson secondary and Nau Chiau High school. The puppets, props, houses, ships, are all painted by the students!



Thank You MDA for featuring The Tiger of 142B in MDA newsletter!



Perspective turns out to be ¬†huge challenge for us. Notice the perspective of this screen shot from Une vie de chat (A Cat in Paris)? Both of us have been taught perspective drawing in both NYP and NTU. It is mandatory for foundation students to learn perspective drawing. And for years, we have been drawing with the “correct” perspective.

However, after two weeks of trying to draw in a different kind of perspective(eg.A Cat in Paris), we realise that it is so difficult for us! The “correct” perspective has become our 2nd nature when we draw!