7th Singapore Shortcuts – write up by Warren Sin

7th Singapore Shortcuts write up for Contained
by Warren Sin

A flower, a man and an island. A man sets up his containment on an isolated island with his beloved flower.

Just like Sisyphus, the King of Corinth, who was condemned in the afterlife to roll uphill a stone which perpetually rolls down, the . protagonist in Contained is similarly condemned with the task of keeping alive a flower on an inhospitable out- crop of rock in the middle of nowhere.

This Sisyphean tale of futile ambition transcends itself towards the end when the narration breaks into a dazzling display of surrealistic imaginations during the touching finale. An environmental message about the symbiotic relation ship between Man and Nature is also embedded within this tale .

Amazingly, Contained was created with no prior planning or storyboards. It started as a short stop-motion assignment, titled Metamorphosis. Upon completion of the one minute animation project , the creators felt the need to further develop the film and explore the medium. They reacted to the clay spontaneously and sculpted the rest of the story frame by frame.

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