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Perspective turns out to be  huge challenge for us. Notice the perspective of this screen shot from Une vie de chat (A Cat in Paris)? Both of us have been taught perspective drawing in both NYP and NTU. It is mandatory for foundation students to learn perspective drawing. And for years, we have been drawing with the “correct” perspective.

However, after two weeks of trying to draw in a different kind of perspective(eg.A Cat in Paris), we realise that it is so difficult for us! The “correct” perspective has become our 2nd nature when we draw!


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  1. hello H&H, i love the works of Jean-Loup Felicioli and Alain Gagnol too,not just for the aesthetics but for their ideas and stories….but why do you want to draw ‘weird perspective’ like them?
    i think their ‘look’ came about from creating their characters for their early film from clay/plasticine. They wanted to do a claymation initially and were experimenting with aesthetics and while creating an environment inside a frame- which resulted in a ‘perspective’ which is cross between eg. eye-level and overhead view, they arrived at their style[ if i remember correctly]. Due to the difficulty in animating the clay models they switched to 2-D animation, but kept the look and voila!…This shot from ‘une vie de chat’ is still fairly ‘tame’ and ‘normal’ …i think they had some ‘wild perspectives’ in other films……

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