Reviews – Jù Rén (巨人)

Here are some reviews for our short film Jù Rén (巨人):

From SINdie

A beautifully written review by Jeremy Sing from SINdie. Read the full review here:


But, faced with all the obscurity that weighs down the selection, we must not forget the more or less experimental works Black Loop Algo-rhythm , Average happiness ), humorous, poetic ( Rivages , Jù ren ), educational ( 3 Teaspoon of Sugar, My Better World ), musical ( The Turning Point , the music videos for The Love by Lea Porcelain and Blow To The Headby Lightning Bolt) or those aimed at the youngest, most often in a benevolent tone but without naivety. They add another touch, especially through student films, TV films and commissions, which create a moment of breath before rubbing shoulders again with abyssal fish.

– translated from an article written by Benjamin Sablain from KAROO, a platform dedicated to critique & creation culture. Read the full article here:

From Animacion Para Adultos

Jù rén adapts, very freely, the homonymous poem of the versatile artist Tan Swie Hian . It is animated with a creative stop motion in which the characters and sets are made with newspaper – and perhaps also magazines? -. For the characters, those goldfish, the technique must be similar to papier-mâché, at least the appearance is similar.

Well, although the artifice is evident, the material used is clearly noticeable, because it is a deliberate choice, Henry Zhuang and Harry Zhuang breathe life into those fish, the sea and nature – the scene with the growth of the vegetation is gorgeous. In that effect lies the magic of animation.

– translated from a review written by Ray Laguna from Animacion para adultos. Read the full article here:

From Les Nuits Du Chasseur De Films

– 4 stars review written by FredMJG from Les Nuits Du Chasseur De Films. Read the full article here:

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