Birthday Present

Running time: 10′ 30″
Aspect ratio: 4:3

Story of how spoilt gitl Emily takes advantage of her housekeeper robot Vovo until his absence makes her realise something is missing in her life

Additional Information:
Birthday Present is a CG animation  created in 2006. It was done while the brothers were serving in the army. It took them 6 months of both part-time and full-time commitment. The Brothers do not see this as their first short film because this animated short was created to demonstrate their CG skills and capabilities so as to get employed in the animation industry. It also serve as a refresher after losing touch of the CG tools for 2 years.

Directed, animated, edited, produced by Zhuang Brothers
Song by Joyce Tan

– CG Excellence Award from CG Overdrive
– 2nd Runner-Up in Digicon 6+3 Singapore Region

Software Used:
3D Studio Max, Vray Render, AfterEffects, Premiere, Photoshop