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Perspective turns out to be  huge challenge for us. Notice the perspective of this screen shot from Une vie de chat (A Cat in Paris)? Both of us have been taught perspective drawing in both NYP and NTU. It is mandatory for foundation students to learn perspective drawing. And for years, we have been drawing with the “correct” perspective.

However, after two weeks of trying to draw in a different kind of perspective(eg.A Cat in Paris), we realise that it is so difficult for us! The “correct” perspective has become our 2nd nature when we draw!


Harry and i met up with 映思 @redredfish11 and she share with us “Moominland Midwinter”, a children book by Tove Jansson. Below is an extract from moominland “Moomintroll became more and more convinced that this was a trick the winter had decided to play on him… He straightened up and tried to shout at the gale. He hit out against the snow and also whimpered a little, as there was nobody to hear him…. Not until then did Moomintroll notice that the wind felt warm. It carried him along into the whirling snow, it made him feel light and almost like flying. “I’m nothing but air and wind, I’m part of the blizzard,” Moomintroll thought and let himself go… Moomintroll spread out his arms and flew… And the winter danced him all along the snowy shore, until he stumbled across the snowed-up landing stage and plowed his nose through a snowdrift.” Thank you for sharing @redredfish11 老师!


Had a meal with Jasmine Ng, and Harry and i were lectured for a good half an hour. She was pointing out the mistakes we had made and for a good 15mins, my hands were placed on the table and i wanted to leave. But not to avoid the lecture(i really love her lectures), but i wanted to rectify the mistakes we made.

I think we all make mistakes and the most problematic part is to notice these mistakes. Its like a blind spot. And after you realise these mistakes, u will try to find desperate ways to savage the situation. And if all else fails, at least u can tell yourself that you tried. To Jasmine Ng and all mentors/friends who are so kind to even bother lecturing your mentee/friends, thank you for pointing out mistakes. Thank you for being the Light.

Not many Ghibli fans have watched 耳をすませば (Whisper of the Heart), an animated film directed by Yoshifumi Kondō. The screenplay was written by Hayao Miyazaki and the story is based on a manga with the same title by Aoi Hiiragi.

Whisper of the Heart comic by  Aoi Hiiragi.

Comic book cover of Whisper of the Heart by Aoi Hiiragi

Yoshifumi Kondō

Photo of Yoshifumi Kondō

Yoshifumi Kondō have worked as an animation director in several films such as Kiki Delivery Service, Only Yesterday and Princess Mononoke. Whisper of the Heart is his first and last film he directed. He was said to be the successor for Miyazaki and Isao Takahata, but he passed away due to excess work on 21 jan 1998.

Whisper of the Heart Poster

Whisper of the heart is a simple story about a young girl’s journey in finding her own direction in life. Although there are no dramatic arcs in the story, the film is fill with layers of meaningful plot with cleverly planned Mise en scène, echoing the idea of a person’s struggle in realizing their own dream.


I really like how the Grandfather draw parallels between the journey of finding one’s own talent and the process of finding emerald from a normal looking rock. It is only through years of cutting and polishing a rock, then one might be able to find a precious emerald. I think it is also the same for one to find their passion: You have to listen deeply to the whisper of your heart, then maybe you might be able to discover your very own talent.

FeministOne of the interesting shot that shows Miyazaki is a feminist

Seoul Cartoon Museum

I didnt know there is a Seoul Cartoon Museum?! Why Singapore dun haveee? LOL


Cartoon Museum is close!

But too bad the museum is close till April 2015! So sadddd 😦 Notice the poster behind? Its G-fighter, a co-production with Singapore’s Tiny Island and south korea’s Electric Circus. So proud to see it on the wall at Seoul Cartoon Museum.

The cartoon museum place a signboard all in korean and we got lost in translation. Luckily, we get to know Jenny from Korea! She knows Korean, English and Chinese! Lucky us.

Meet Jenny posing with Dallyeola Hani (run hani) 1988, her favourite korean animation!

Jenny with Dallyeola Hani (run hani) 1988

Jenny with Dallyeola Hani (run hani) 1988

Although the museum is close, they open up small exhibition space for visitors to experience animation. Lucky for us, Jenny’s husband found the location of the mini exhibition. Across the Cartoon Museum, there is a small road down a slope. You will see a ABC store and after the store, you will see a faceless gal greeting you.

The mini Exhibition

greetings from "No Face" girl

At the basement, you will see a small exhibition space.


Children are encouraged to draw and pin their drawings on the wall =)

B1 - children B1 wall

At Level 2..

lvl 2

Good thing we have jenny to tell us that the 2nd level is a series of meaningful artwork about the journey to school.

lvl 2poetry 1poetry 3poetry 2

Up the stairs, we spotted some posters and original Artist animator’s signature.

stairs fill with korea animation signatureWall of postera Korean animation

lvl 3 - community meeting roon

Look at the animation community watching at “Wolf Children Ame and Yuki” in a intense manner. I think the teacher(man on right) is teaching them to “read” the film. This is how animators should do, watch the film and analysis.

This film is directed by Mamoru Hosoda. It is said that Miyazaki wanted Mamoru Hosoda to direct howls moving castle! But he gave up halfway. He was too stress… and Miyazaki took over.


Oh… other than films from Miyazaki,  Wolf children is one of our fav animated film too.

working hard

Behind the screening table is a animator working really hard, not distracted by visitors.
lvl 4 - comic lvl 4 - comic

On the top floor, we see the children read comics from comic BOOK! And not from webtoon! This is at the top level with a open air balcony outside =)

lvl 4 - balcony lvl 4 - view

Further down the mini exhibition, there is another building used for the animation program.

another building

animation workshop

An animation workshop for kids! Omg! So many children actually took part. Each session is 1hr for only 3000won. Students will get to try out jumping clay. So nicee. Not for jenny and her husband, we wont get to know this place =)) good things do happen.

workshop feejumping clay 1

“No Face” and “Laputa” and many more in jumping clay

jumping clay 2jumping clay 4jumping clay 5jumping clay 6jumping clay 7jumping clay 9 jumping clay 8jumping clay 3

Even the wall is painted with cartoon illustrations.

Wall with painting

The wall

Seoul International Cartoon and Animation Festival

Seoul International Cartoon and Animation Festival


Feeling inspired by how the korea view animation. Its not just n entertainment for past time. Its a form of Art that anybody can do to express themselves. U dun need to be talented, u dun need to know softwares. U just have to be passionate! Even children can do ^ ^