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Category Archives: The Tiger of 142B


A very interesting experience to be in the screening room at Tanglin Club. The Tiger of 142b went through 2 round of changes. 1st screen was at Utter Singapore at Golden Village, the 2nd version was screen in Singapore shortcuts, and the 3rd version was for festival submission. I guess the quest for perfection is a never ending path and only the creators will know the amount of blood and sweat put into a film. ^ ^



Perspective turns out to be  huge challenge for us. Notice the perspective of this screen shot from Une vie de chat (A Cat in Paris)? Both of us have been taught perspective drawing in both NYP and NTU. It is mandatory for foundation students to learn perspective drawing. And for years, we have been drawing with the “correct” perspective.

However, after two weeks of trying to draw in a different kind of perspective(eg.A Cat in Paris), we realise that it is so difficult for us! The “correct” perspective has become our 2nd nature when we draw!

Song-of-the-brokenhearted-tiger Brokenhearted-Tiger

The Song of the Brokenhearted Tiger is an theatrical performance about the annihilation of the Malayan Tiger in Singapore. Throughout the performance, only the silhouette of the Tiger is presented to the audience. This creates a magical aura around the Tiger. The experimental approach of using loud music and strobe lighting also presented the Tiger’s pain in its love for the forest, bringing out the anger and sadness felt by the Malayan Tiger. We are intrigued by how the Tiger is presented in this piece and hope to recreate this magic with animation in The Tiger of 142b.

The Tale of the Princess KaguyaThe Tale of the Princess Kaguya - 1

The rough drawing lines of The Tale of the Princess Kaguya gives an added characteristics to the film. When Princess Kaguya got upset, she sprints off into the cold winter. The rough lines turn into harsh strokes, complementing Princess Kaguya’s mood. This gives the characters and added characteristics and we hope to achieve it in The Tiger of 142B.

Milch 3 Picture-3 UDF7H

Milch is a short film about a boy discovering his father’s affair. The story is told from the boy’s perspective and it unfolds in a dark and disturbing manner. Through the use of sound design and its abrupt editing style, it brings out the child’s depressing childhood experience. Might be appropriate for The Tiger of 142B?