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The Tiger of 142B had been selected to be in the Animafest Zagreb in Croatia! Animafest is the second oldest animation festival in the World, after the Annecy International Animated Film Festival. We are very honoured to have The Tiger of 142B to be in the Grand Competition with so many talented animation authors in Animafest Zagreb.

Check out the entry here:


Thank You MDA for featuring The Tiger of 142B in MDA newsletter!


Cloud-of-unknowing-32012.141_cu_web_1 The 28 minute short shows how a cloud slowly invades the privacy of eight characters living in a flat. We hope to draw inspiration on the how the different characters are portray so differently even though they are staying in the same flat. The mysterious cloud that interconnects the different people living in the same flat can also be a good reference on how the mysterious tiger incident connects everyone living in the flat.

I think for the local(Singapore) animation scene, a particular animation artist you must know is Tan Wei Keong. His animated film have travelled to many film and animation festivals. And he didn’t do it with the intention of hoping that it can be made into animation series, I believe he did it for other purpose. Maybe its a voice, a form of expression?


Pifuskin by Tan Wei Keong

His latest short, Pifuskin, was screen in Annecy and Animafest Zagreb, and other big animation festivals. If you are interested, pifuskin will be screening in competition in Singapore International Film Festival. This is the platform where Eric Khoo, Anthony Chen, Roystan Tan, Boo Junfeng started… i think…

Starry NightWhether you want to see animation as a form of Art, or a form of entertainment, its really up to you. Vincent Van Gogh didn’t sell a single painting in his lifetime, but what he saw is a entirely different world. When other artist are trying very hard to paint realistically, he painted Starry night. But till today, his work inspire many artist and push the envelop of representational art in painting. Till today, his painting is known by many.

As compare to film or painting, Animation is an expensive medium. The invention of 16mm camera made filming possible in small groups. This gave rise to Auteur director who uses film as form of expression. But is it possible in animation? Take a look at animation festivals

Its true that most artistic driven film don’t make money. Even Ilo Ilo did not really make huge ‘profit’. Anthony Chen did not make lots of money from that film. But because of that film, huge budget producers from all around the world are running to him hoping to collaborate with him in his next feature. Why? because he had proven himself in the Festival circuit.

In general, anything is possible. Doesn’t mean that no one have done it means it can’t be done. Similarly, it doesn’t mean few have succeed in creating an experimental or arthouse film that makes money means its not possible. After all, entrepreneurship is also about thinking out of the box and figuring a viable and sustainable business model. There are experimental filmmakers that manage to make a huge fortune. i.e. Matthew Barney’s Cremaster 2. (Note: This is not the only way, this is only one of it.) But of course the idea of wanting to make money might ‘pollute’ the purpose of making experimental films. Everyone have a different purpose for making films, You have to ask yourself, what’s yours?

Have you find out or read about George lucas early films? When everybody was crazy about wild west, he made films on space. Maybe his early films inspired him to make star wars?

Lets talk animation

Lets talk animation!

Anyway, Tan Wei Keong, Harry and I will be having a discussion about Animation Art this Sunday at Woodlands National Library. The session will be lead by Eternality Tan, the co-founder of The Filmic Eye. He will be the host for the event. If you are interested, do drop by! Free entry with registration. []

Henry Zhuang & Harry Zhuang