Jù Rén (巨人)

Running time: 5min 18s

A school of fishes is washed up on a barren island. While the other fishes choose to swim back to the sea, one redfish decides to venture deeper into the barren island. Inspired by Tan Swie Hian’s poem ‘巨人.

The stop-motion animation of The Giant was originally developed as an adaptation of Tan Swie Hian’s poem back in 2017 when they were commissioned to make a short animation by National Art Council. Unsatisfied with the end result, the brothers took a 1.5 years hiatus, and finally went back to rework a new version with a different approach. Beginning from late 2018, the brothers experiment with the mixture of 3D and stop motion techniques. And on 2019, a new film take on a life of its own and Ju Ren was finally completed.

Director : Harry Zhuang and Henry Zhuang
Producer : David Lee & Eternality Tan
Sound Designer : Teo Weiyong
An offering of: Singapore Writers Festival
Presented by: National Art Council
Produced by: The Filmic Eye
Supported by: MCCY


Won ‘Gold’ award at 22th Digicon 6 Asia (Singapore region)