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Apart from working on adaptation for Dave Chua’s The Tiger of 142B, our next big project is Voices for the Myths, a series of stop-motion animation workshops that aims to engage Secondary School students to use their mobile phones to create animated short films in a fun and experimental storytelling game.

We had previously conducted a similar workshop for Creative Arts Program organized by MOE’s Gifted Education Branch.


It was a fun experience but the process was tedious for the students because the puppets the student used was created within a short period of time and kept falling apart.

IMG_20150103_083750 IMG_20150103_083659

Recognizing this problem, we decided to work on creating a strong puppet using the wires instead of blue tacks and thumbnails.

IMG_20150103_083355  IMG_20150103_083913


We experimented different approach in creating the puppet. This includes experimenting the thickness of the wire and the way the puppet is going to be texture and colored.



We will be updating more posts on the art directions for the different myths. Check out our other interesting projects at